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Inventions and Discoveries
How does one make an honest living in this Modern Age where the forces of 'advanced capitalism' are ripping apart traditional moral values and turning otherwise good people into expendable, and depersonalized commodities? This is a question which confronts us all. No one wants to work for a firm or engage in an activity which they consider unethical. No one wants to be unduly exploited or to be under the thumb of someone less well-educated or less experienced. Do they? I don't think so!  My own answer, which involves a great deal of personal sacrifice and hardwork, is not to "sell my labor",  but to be at the cutting edge of intellectual, creative, and economic innovation and endeavor. Thus I am an inventor and entrepeneur not just by natural ability and inclination, but also by philosophical choice.

Some people are doctors and lawyers. I make inventions to make money. As Thomas Alva Edison said, inventing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I agree! My training is in the physical sciences so most of my inventions are in that area.

Here are some pictures of the UV DIAL system I invented.

I have also invented other things, including a large-scale solar desalination system.

New Patents

I am working on other interesting and potentially profitable inventions at the current time, but because the patent process is so competitive, I cannot talk about them just yet. When the relevant patent applications have been granted and/or filed, I will list them here.


I have made two important scientific discoveries. Making an important scientific discovery does not necessarily make you any money, but it does give you a good feeling. The first significant discovery I made involved the use of the airborne lidar system I built and concerned the existence of a new class of previously unknown high-emission rate anthropogenic mercury sources. The second scientific discovery was also made in the field of atmospheric chemistry and anthropogenic emissions. It concerned the evolution of nitrogen dioxide from nitrogenous fertilizer.