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The Farm
One of my friends (Sheila Hopkins) believes that if there is ever to be world peace, everyone must become a gardener, at least a little bit. I share that opinion. It's harder to bring things to life and to grow things than it is to destroy them. Gardening is one of those rare things that is both spiritually fulfilling and materially rewarding.

That covers the plant kingdom. As far as the animal kingdom goes, I must say that one of the revelations that has come to me since moving out to the farm is that missing from our modern urban life is that palpable spiritual connection to animals (and the Universal Soul) which springs from having lots of contact with animals who you love and who love you in your daily life. I am firmly convinced that not having animals in your daily life leads to profound spiritual impoverishment, and is one of the fundamental causes of discontent in our modern, urbanized civilization (which is why animals figure so prominently in television advertising). Animals are very smart and they all have individual personalities and souls.

Another nice thing about farm life is that it helps one achieve the right blend of mental and physical activity and to avoid the "urban physique" syndrome.

Another nice thing about farm life is that the people you meet in farming communities are really wonderful. Upstate New York farmers are by and large an honest, happy, resourceful, hard-working, self-reliant lot who do not shrink from individual responsibility.

Here are some pictures of the farm. Come on up and visit sometime!