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Mary Catherine Barry, who I nicknamed MC2 because of my love for physics and her unbelievably high energy level, passed out of this world on January 4th, 2001. She was my best friend and a true love. I met her at an anti-nuclear rally on September 29th, 1979 where I was selling maps and she was listening to the music (see "Our Relationship" under "Works of Art").

Mary Catherine was loved by all who knew her. She was a human being of the finest caliber, the 'best sort of people', as Plutarch would say, a rare, refined girl of enormous intelligence and self-discipline. She had a sparkling wit, a sparkling beauty and an effervescent personality. She was a true genius and a lover of words, art, and the human experience. As an artist, she had a very special gift, being able, always, to paint a painting that brought a smile to one's lips, pleasure to one's mind, and peace to one's soul.

Here are two of her works of art, Camels (1990) and Waterfall (1989):

(Camels (1990) coming soon!)