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Current Interests
I am currently interested, either personally or professionally (or both) in the following:

-The influence of television on culture
-The physics of general relativity
-fuel cells
-small, home-based fusion-powered generators
-the influence of the U.S. national security state (the so-called "Deep State" or "state-within-a-state") in destabilizing global peace and harmony and making the U.S. less secure
-transboundary air pollution
-quantum cosmology
-trans-genic organisms
-Ramanujan's lost notebook

On a glory hole near Hart's Pass

Recently read books:

-Plutarch's Lives
-Moore's Schrodinger: Life and Thought
-Churchill's The Gathering Storm
-Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge
-Melville's Typee
-Conrad's Nostromo