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Works of Art
Performing Arts

Pyramus in Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night's Dream, performed at The Loft circa 1977

Visual Arts

Various projects (kinetic sculptures, Cyberlights (TM) installations, etc.)


Preprint: The Psychology of Believing in "Lost" Civilizations: Relief from Inner Confinement
(Submitted to Psychology Today and Parabola Magazine) Available here as a special download
(Microsoft Word format) Psych001.doc

A Review of Angus  McKenzie's Home front: A History of the CIA's Domestic Abuses

Cold Fusion: Understanding the Fleischmann-Pons Effect Multimedia CDROM (1997) (written under the pen-name Stanford O'Neil)


Hoover (screenplay about a dog kidnapped for a medical
Thrill of a Lifetime (James Bond pastiche)
Hostile Intruders (screenplay about germ warfare facility being
       taken over by asylum inmates)
Escape to Hibernia! (screenplay about escaped Roman slaves  
           in 1st Century AD)


Elin's Even Soul